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Reverse Mortgage Seminar For Novices And Specialists

ICO Tokyo Finance and Mortgage Convention is proud to offer a free reverse mortgage seminar to participants at the convention. This segment of the convention is especially useful for companies that want to expand into the “gray” or “aging” market composed of senior citizens who are at least 62 years old. This is useful to for current players in the reverse mortgage industry who want to expand their existing market.  While the internet is full of sites offering reverse mortgage information they only offer grains of information in comparison of what you will get from attending our seminar.

There are two parts to the reverse mortgage seminar:  (a) the educational part, and (b) the advocacy part.  

What we offer in the reverse seminar is pure education. If there are seminar participants that are interested in taking out a reverse mortgage, the seminar organizers can assist them.  

We will be covering the main aspects of the different kinds of reverse mortgages, including FHA reverse mortgages, Fannie Mae reverse mortgages, and Financial Freedom reverse mortgages. We will also cover the whole breadth of topics on how such a type of loan is is originated, what the standard requirements are. Of course, we will also discussing core advantages and disadvantages of each as well as the best reverse mortgage calculators.  

We can accommodate individuals and organizations. Please take note that for only a minimal fee, you will get information packets and pamphlets on the different types of reverse mortgages, including the Frequently Asked Questions, implementing regulations, and background information. The seminar will be staffed with reverse mortgage experts to answer any question that you might have. So be part of this breakthrough seminar now.  

Reverse mortgage specialists, who are not part of the seminar's organizing committee, would be glad to know that there's also something in it for them.  

Since they became popular in the 1990s, reverse mortgage loans (and houses and senior citizens) have come and gone. But reverse mortgages, no matter what the kind, have had its criticisms, including:  

  • its limitation to senior citizens
  • the low loan limits in the case of HECM reverse mortgages
  • the non-standard terms of private reverse mortgages

Take part in the discussion on reverse mortgages and shape the future of the industry.



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