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Rising Rate of World Mortgages Seminar: Through Rise and Rise

This unique seminar by the ICO Tokyo Finance and Mortgage Convention takes away the fluff of the news to bring the facts to an enlightened discussion.   

Now practically everyone has heard the news about rising mortgage interest rates. In the United States, the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates for the past two years. The central banks in other countries have also been raising their interest rates. This seminar will help enlighten participants on the impact of rising interest rates on their mortgages.  

How interest rates affect your mortgage depends on the type of mortgage a borrower has and how that mortgage is structured.  

Mortgage lenders and banks borrow money from Federal Reserve banks to fund their loans. These financial institutions actually receive discounted interest rates on these loans. The Federal Reserve Board is the agency that determines the the interest rates charged to lenders. The sad thing about it is that members of the Federal Reserve meets each month to make change interest rates, policy adjustments, and updates its predictions on the economy. For the past few years, the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates on short-term loans, thus greatly impacting credit card debts, personal loans, and mortgages.

The seminar is designed to help participants discover how they can actually lower their monthly payments even when the central banks of their respective countries are raising interest rates. We can accommodate individuals and organizations at the seminar. For only a minimal fee, you will get information kits and pamphlets on mortgage refinancing, including the Frequently Asked Questions, implementing regulations, and background information across the major countries in the world. The seminar will be staffed with mortgage experts who can answer questions during the open forum. So be part of this breakthrough seminar now. Our speakers at the seminar will also discuss the following special topics:  

  • How banks can prevent bank runs by limiting the number of mortgage issued every year
  • Policing the ranks of loan officers for less greed
  • How mortgages gave rise to the creation of "reverse mortgages"
  • Stemming the growth of interest rates worldwide



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